Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the CENTRA 7 Organizing Committee, the Digital Architecture Research Center (DigiARC) at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) is pleased to invite our colleagues from around the globe to the 7th CENTRA meeting on February 6-9, 2024 in Tokyo, Japan. CENTRA 7 will include two symposiums, presentations, and breakout sessions for continuing collaboration with our international partners.

We see the meeting as a great opportunity to continue the momentum from the previous CENTRA meeting and for global exchange of ideas on artificial intelligence (AI) and the Edge-Cloud Continuum related topics. In keeping with the spirit of all globalCENTRA meetings, we are prioritizing the creation of a venue where global collaboration can thrive. We are continuing the arrangement of time and spaces to allow for fruitful presentations and discussions, as well as collaborative interaction in non-meeting room environments. We also will introduce new topics such as quantum computing to inspire new areas of global collaboration.

Tokyo is perhaps a city that needs no introduction. With a population of almost 14 million, it is an exciting metropolis with a tremendous selection of food, shopping, and cultural locations. The meeting venue will take place at the AIST Waterfront campus for the first day and at the Miraikan Museum on the remaining days, both located next to each other in the Odaiba area of Tokyo.

The Digital Architecture Research Center was established to develop and implement technologies that promote the digital revolution as a contribution to solving social issues and fostering innovation. Our aim is to realize an advanced society that provides new services and value for all individuals and organizations by highly integrating cyberspace and physical space while utilizing AI technology through the coordination of research units to advance the data-driven digital society. The fusion of edge and cloud through a continuum and the integration of new technologies such as quantum-AI hybrid resources are central ideas that drive the architectural design, necessary technology development, standardization, software implementation and dissemination activities of our center.

I am very honored to be able to host the 7th global CENTRA meeting and look forward to seeing you in Tokyo!

Dr. Hiro Kishimoto
Center Director
Digital Architecture Research Center
AIST, Japan