Abstract Submission for Cloud-Edge Fusion for the Computing Continuum

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enormous potential, but its impact can differ depending on the local environment. We cordially invite CENTRA’s researchers, practitioners, and professionals to submit brief abstracts for a one-day event exploring the worldwide views of AI within the Edge-Cloud-HPC Continuum. This workshop will feature a collection of concise papers on AI and edge computing, with a particular emphasis on:

  • Regional or global issues in the continuum from edge to cloud infrastructure
  • Global research partnerships for rapid responses to global issues
  • Post 5G/6G architectures and implications for AI applications
  • AI applications in the context of continuum computing
  • Lightweight and efficient AI models for edge devices, Edge-based AI inference optimization techniques
  • Resource management, workload allocation, data sharing in edge-cloud systems,
  • Hybrid edge-cloud architectures for advanced AI applications
  • AI ethics, trustworthiness, and governance

Submission Guidelines:

  • We welcome 1-2 page abstracts (U.S. letter – 8.5″x11″), using the IEEE proceedings template. Abstracts must be submitted as a PDF file.
  • Submissions must be original and should present novel research contributions or innovative practical applications related to the workshop topics.
  • Authors may submit their contributions to pti@iu.edu.
  • Abstracts will be published as a collection to Zenodo Global Centra Community
  • Optional: In lieu of an abstract, authors may submit a five-page paper as the final deliverable.

Important Dates:

  • Paper submissions deadline: January 12, 2024
  • Notification of acceptance: January 15, 2024
  • Camera-ready deadline: February 9, 2024

For more information, contact the event organisers at pti@iu.edu.


All workshop participants must be registered for CENTRA 7. Details about registration and procedures can be found in the menu on the left. For any inquiries or further information, contact centra7@3stars-tyo.co.jp.

We look forward to an engaging session exploring the worldwide views of AI within the Edge-Cloud-HPC Continuum!