Recordings of the upcoming webinars (2019) will be available within 7 days after each event and linked to the presentations below. 2016-2018 webinars recordings are available for viewing on CENTRA's Vimeo channel

Spring 2019 Global CENTRA Webinar Series

Global CENTRA invites you to attend the following webinars to learn about ongoing and proposed CENTRA collaborative research. The purpose of these webinars is also to engage international researchers in transnational collaborations. Webinar presentations will include descriptions of specific areas or questions where collaborations are desirable and attendees will have the opportunity to follow up with presenters on their interest in engaging in such collaborations. On this page you will find information about the webinar times, dates, speakers and registrations pages that link to the abstract of each presentation (webinar times and dates might be subject to change).

The Global CENTRA Webinars are free and open to all, whether they have been involved in CENTRA member organizations or not. Please invite your colleagues and students interested in these topics and may benefit from interacting with the speakers and CENTRA researchers! (Please e-mail to gshong (at) ufl (dot) edu to be added to centrawebinars-l to receive webinar announcements and recordings updates.)

Here is a preview of current scheduled webinars and more potential topics being confirmed during early 2019. More details are being updated here as they become available. Check back to this page often and follow us on Facebook @globalcentra.

2019/01/17 @20:00 US EST
01/17 at 1500 Hawaii | 1700 US Pacific | 1800 US Mountain |
01/18 at 0100 Portugal | 0800 Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam | 0900 Taiwan/Malaysia/The Philippines | 1000 Japan/S. Korea
Integrating Autonomy into Transportation Systems
By Dr. Cathy Wu, Microsoft Research AI, USA
Abstract and Video Recording

2019/03/21 @08:00 US EDT
03/21 at 0300 Hawaii | 0500 US Pacific | 0600 US Mountain | 1200 Portugal
03/21 at 1900 Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam | 2000 Taiwan/Malaysia/The Philippines | 2100 Japan/S. Korea
Machine Learning and Application in Remote Sensing
By Dr. Alina Zare, University of Florida, USA
Abstract and Video Recording

2019/04/10 @20:00 US EDT
04/10 at 1400 Hawaii | 1700 US Pacific | 1800 US Mountain
04/11 at 0100 Portugal | 0700 Indonesia/Thailand/Vietnam | 0800 Taiwan/Malaysia/The Philippines | 0900 Japan/S. Korea
ABCI: An Open Innovation Platform for Advancing AI Research and Deployment
By Dr. Ryuosei Takano, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan
Abstract and Video Recording

Future webinars information will be updated here when available