Smart University Towns (SUNTOWNS) Workshop

April 12, 2017, Gainesville, Florida

Venue: Hilton University of Florida Conference Center.

Final Agenda v01Apr2017 (PDF)


7:30 AM: Registration and Breakfast

8:15 AM: Group Photo

8:30 AM: Opening Session

Welcome by José Fortes and UF President W. K. Fuchs.

On Demand Video (Jose Fortes) starts at 0:00:00

On Demand Video (President Kent Fuchs) starts at 0:00:50

8:45 AM:

Invited Talk: NSF Initiatives in Smart and Connected Communities

Speaker: Meghan Houghton, Staff Associate in the CISE Office of the Assistant Director, National Science Foundation, and co-chair of the Network and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD) Smart Cities and Communities Task Group, USA.

On Demand Video starts at 7:18

9:30 AM:

Invited Talk: Top 10 Signs of a Smart Community

Speaker: Glenn Ricart, Founder and CTO of US Ignite, USA.

On Demand Video starts at 0:54:16

10:00 AM: Break

10:30 AM:

Invited Talk: Data Analytics and Embedded Systems for Understanding Cities

Speaker: Charlie Catlett, Senior Computer Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Chicago, USA.

On Demand Video starts at 1:28:39

11:00 AM:

Invited Talk: Smart University Initiative in Osaka University

Speaker: Shinji Shimojo, Professor and Director of Cybermedia Center, Osaka University and National Institute of Information and Communications Technology, Japan.

On Demand Video starts at 2:07:01

11:30 AM:

Invited Talk: The Messiness of Innovation: How emerging technology infrastructure demands new types of civic order.

Speaker: Aaron Deacon, Founder and Managing Director of Kansas City Digital Drive, USA.

On Demand Video starts at 2:32:32

12:00 PM - Lunch and presentation on UF-Gainesville joint development plan

Speakers: Anthony Lyons, Manager of City of Gainesville and Charlie Lane, Senior Vice President and COO of the University of Florida

On Demand Video (Charlie Lane) starts at 0:01:49

On Demand Video (Anthony Lyons) starts at 0:17:18

1:30 PM:

Invited Talk: A Resiliency Based Approach to Architecting a Smart Community

Speaker: Matthew E. Delcambre, Director, Center for Business and Information Technology (CBIT), Informatics Research Institute, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA.

On Demand Video starts at 0:01:36

2:00 PM:

Invited Talk: Porto: A Living Lab for Future Smarter Cities

Speaker: Rui Oliveira, Associate Professor at the Informatics Department of University of Minho and Member of the Administration Board of INESC TEC, Porto, Portugal.

On Demand Video starts at 0:31:26

2:30 PM:

Invited Talk: Experiences and Opportunities of Smart and Connected Communities in Taiwan

Speaker: Fang-Pang Lin, National Center for High-performance Computing, National Applied Research Laboratories, Taiwan.

On Demand Video starts at 0:50:39

3:00 PM - Break

3:30 PM:

Invited Talk: Developing a transportation testbed in Gainesville, Florida: From concept to implementation

Speaker: Lily Elefteriadou, Ph.D., Director of the UF Transportation Institute, and Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Florida, USA.

On Demand Video starts at 1:22:53

4:00 PM:

Panel Presentations and Discussion: Smart University Towns: Challenges and Opportunities

On Demand Video starts at 1:47:00

5:00 PM: CENTRA Smart Cities Hackathon Winners Presentations

On Demand Video starts at 2:56:53

5:20 PM: Closing Remarks

6:00 PM: Departure from UF Hilton to dinner location.

6:30 PM: Dinner (Location: Thomas Center)