Fortes at 3rd AIR high-level dialogue

Photo by Dr. Rui Oliveira, also CENTRA Steering Committee member, INESC TEC</i></p> Dr. José Fortes and Dr. Rui Oliveira, CENTRA Steering Committee chair and member were invited to participate in the 3rd High-Level Industry-Science-Government Dialogue on 'Atlantic Interactions': Implementing the Atlantic International Research Centre (AIR CENTRE) in Praia, Cape Verde on May 7-8, 2018. Dr. Fortes introduced “CENTRA: a Possible Partnership Framework for AIR Transnational Research” to the 120+ participants from 13 countries at this event, including colleagues and affiliates from CENTRA's first and current institutional member from Europe - [INESC TEC](, Portugal. More information about The Atlantic Interactions, AIR CENTRE and 'Praia Declaration' from this event: [](