The Global CENTRA Spring 2018 Webinar Series will kick off on 9 January 2018, with a total of 10 webinars planned until 25 April, with a focus on advancing ongoing CENTRA projects and new initiatives. Two goals of the series are: to update the CENTRA community on the status of projects and to discover additional opportunities for collaboration.

Topics include Internet of Things, Smart and Connected Communities applications, Edge Computing, Databases and Storage, Software-Defined Network testbeds and more. Detailed schedules, links to registration and speakers’ information are available at Spring 2018 Webinar Series.

The webinars are open to all that are interested in the topics and the opportunity to collaborate with CENTRA members or affiliates. We encourage you to sign up soon, add them to your calendar, and extend the invitation to your colleagues and students that may benefit from any of the webinars.

Previous webinar recordings are also available on CENTRA’s Vimeo channel. In case you missed the most recent two in fall 2017 - “Dynamically Aggregating Smart Community Sensors, Edge and Cloud Resources with Overlay VPNs” by Dr. Renato Figeiredo (University of Florida) and “Operational Artificial Intelligence: Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone” by Dr. Alexandar Wong (University of Waterloo):

Dynamically Aggregating Smart Community Sensors, Edge and Cloud Resources with Overlay VPNs [20171010] from CENTRA community on Vimeo.

Operational Artificial Intelligence: Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone [20171212] from CENTRA community on Vimeo.

The Spring 2018 Webinar Series recordings will be uploaded as they become available throughout the season.