Grace Hong joined the CENTRA project in 2016 as Research Program Coordinator to assist the development of CENTRA’s international partnerships and collaborative community building. She is working in concert with CENTRA leadership and members to help define and co-create agendas of CENTRA activities, facilitate the forming of collaborative teams, and is responsible for project reporting, engaging members through content sharing via website, online surveys and social media. Based at the ACIS Lab, University of Florida, Grace will also be supporting ACIS international collaborative efforts besides CENTRA, including organizing conferences and workshops, facilitating interactions of participants and assisting their follow-up activities toward successful outcomes.

Grace brings a wealth of experience in international scientific networks development in collaboration formation, membership engagement, team science leadership training for students and meeting facilitation design. Trained in organizational and social psychology, she was previously the Program Coordinator of GLEON (Global Lake Ecological Observatory Network) and was involved in the formation years of PRAGMA (Pacific Rim Grid Applications and Middleware Assembly) since 2003, including creating local residential and cultural programs for PRIME (Pacific RIM Experiences for Undergraduates) in its pilot years. She also co-led the effective cross-disciplinary collaboration practices training for GLEON’s pilot Fellowship Program.

CENTRA is glad to have Grace be part of the CENTRA community and watching over our organizational development processes. She can be reached at and